Ras Tek has positioned itself as a leading authority in Separator / Centrifuge. We provide spares for all the major brands of Separators Like Alfa Laval, Mitsubishi, Samgong, Westfalia.

We Deal in Purifier, Clarifier and Nozzle Separators for Marine/Offshore, HFO /MFO based Power plant, Biodiesel, as well as Food Application.

More often than not, spares are sourced from manufacturers in Europe and Japan, Ras Tek offers a safe and efficient alternative, giving them the possibility for reducing the maintenance costs without compromising quality, reliability, and safety.

We are very among few Companies in the world which deals in the automation of system of, Alfa Laval EPC 60, EPC 50, EPC 41, EPC 400. Also Water transducer Like WT 200 and WT 100. Mitsubishi Multimonitor, Westfalia Unitrol.

Our service station at Navi Mumbai is equipped with a test bed facility for carrying out extensive tests on separators which allows trials/ testing with class approvals. Also, we have Huge Inventory of reconditioned machines available with us.

Our service personnel are ex Alfa Laval/ Mitsubishi / Westfalia and are extensively trained on all types of separators. The team is ready to attend service calls as and when required.

We specialize in following:

  • Installation & commissioning, major overhauling, and troubleshooting of all types of Separators at the site.
  • Supply of reconditioned Separators and balanced bowl on an exchange basis with a guarantee.
  • Automation panel Installation, programming, and troubleshooting.
  • Huge Inventory, of major components like Worm wheel, Worm, Paring disc, Bowl disc, Spindle, Lock Ring, Housing etc.

We carry stock and spares for:
  • 1. MAB series
  • 2. MAPX
  • 3. MOPX
  • 4. WHPX
  • 5. FOPX
  • 6. LOPX
  • 7. SU series
  • 8. SA series
  • 9. PU Series
  • 10. P Series
  • 11. SRG
  • 12. FESX

  1. OSA
  2. OSB
  3. OSD
  4. OSE
  5. SA
  1. SJ Genius Series
  2. Sj Hercules Series
  3. SJ F Series
  4. SJ T Series
  5. SJ

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