Ras Tek is LRQA certified ISO 9001:2015 company and is equipped to carryout repair/ maintenance of Engine, Turbocharge and Separator.

Ras Tek sources from approved manufacturers who supply the OE. Notwithstanding the above, material analysis, dimensional certificates, pressure test reports and hardness/tensile test reports are obtained from the manufacturers and filed.

In addition to the above, Ras Tek has invested in 3D laser CMM so that components can be randomly inspected for dimensional accuracy. Other testing equipment like MPI, hardness, roughness, pressure testing etc. are also available. In electrical, Pressure/Temp calibrator, phase sequence indicator, MV & MA source meter etc. are the tools regularly made available.

Batch numbers are marked on all spares to ensure traceability. Third party certification from class is also possible at an additional cost. Our Guarantees are backed by the component manufacturer and exceed those provided by the OE.

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